Workout For Thu Jul 11, 2019

Program: CrossFit

Intent of workout:
- Shorter AMRAP with low reps.
- The HSPU will start to add up around minute 3-4.
- Try to stay consistent with all reps, even if it means going slower on the deadlift.
- Your wall will be hit on the HSPU, so prepare.
lax ball hamstrings on box
lax ball triceps on box
pigeon stretch on box
lat stretch on box

10 step ups on box
5 reach roll lift p/s
10 bow to bend
10 step ups on box
5 thread the needle p/s
5 inchworm

Total Weight

Deadlift: 7 sets of 5 @ 60%

*Use same weight for all sets
*18-20 minutes to complete

Rounds and Reps


10 Minute AMRAP

5 Deadlifts

Men: 135
Women: 95

Men: 185/Strict
Women: 125/Strict

Scaling Options:
Lighter weight/Lower reps
HSPU to mat/10 second HS Hold
or DB Hold
3 Rounds NFT
- 10 Single Legged Glute Bridge
- 10 Barbell RDL