Workout For Thu Jun 06, 2019

Program: CrossFit

Intent of workout:
- This will be a fast workout so hold on and be prepared.
- Get through the DU/SU as fast as possible.
- In the remaining time, try and split the time in to 3rds and do sets that way.
- I.E.: DU are done with :90 left; do 3 sets of max Thrusters in :30 and rest.
- Built in rest so go HARD.
- Fight and earn your rest.
lax ball glutes
lax ball TFL

2 rounds
20 single unders
5 inchworm
10 toe touches to overhead reach
10 glute bridges

Total Weight

Back Squat: 4 sets of 6
Suggested Percentages: 75%/77%/80%/83% of 1RM

*Build each set to a heavy set of 6


"Double Vision"

4 Rounds
In 2 Minutes
35 DU
Max Thrusters

Rest 1 Minute

*Score is total number of Thrusters

Rest 2 Minutes

Finisher: 30 DB Box Step Ups (15 each side)

Men: 75
Women: 55

Men: 95
Women: 65

Scaling Options:
Lighter weight/Lower reps
2x Single Unders
3 Rounds NFT
- 10 DB Walking Lunge p/s
- 12 Half kneeling Banded Chops