Workout For Tue Jun 04, 2019

Program: CrossFit

lax ball hamstrings on box
foam roll quads

2 rounds
10 box step ups
5 spiderman p/s
10 iron cross p/s
10 arm circles p/s

Intent of workout:
- Keep the same pace on the row, but go as hard as possible.
- Use the 5 minutes to get heart rate down and catch your breath.
- Keep moving consistently through the WOD.
- Break everything up early.

Total Time

"Crazy Train"

For Time
Max Effort 1k Row

Rest 5 minutes

Total Time

2 Rounds For Time (25 Minute Time Cap) 
50 KB Swings (Russian)
50 Box Jumps
50 Burpees

Men: 53/24
Women: 35/20

Men: 70/30
Women: 53/20

Scaling Options:
Lighter weight/Lower reps
Box Step ups
No pushup burpee
3 Rounds NFT
- 10 Banded Bicep Curls
- 25 Banded Pull Aparts