Workout For Fri Jun 14, 2019

Program: CrossFit

Intent of workout:
- FAST FAST FAST, that's all this one is.
- Low reps, low weight and low time.
- The key here is to not go too fast on your first 2-3 rounds.
- Pace slower on rounds 1-3, pick up a little on round 4 and when there is 3 minutes left, start to empty the tank.

Total Weight

Back Squat: 5 sets of 5
Suggested Percentages: 75%/77%/80%/83%/85% of 1RM

*Build each set to a heavy set of 5

Total Weight

CrossFit Lite

A1) DB Split Squats x5 p/s
A2) Banded Glute Bridges x15

x5 sets

Rounds and Reps

"Snow Melt"

11 Minute AMRAP
100m Row
10 Deadlifts
10 Pushups

Scaled Version:
100m Row
10 KB Deadlifts
10 Pushups

Rest 3 Minutes

Finisher: 100m KB/DB Waiter Carry (outside if weather permits)

Men: 95
Women: 65

Men: 135
Women: 95

Scaling Options:
Lighter weight/Lower reps