Workout For Tue Jun 11, 2019

Program: CrossFit

Intent of workout:
- Ascending reps so the halfway point is when you're through the 7th round.
- Pacing is essential here.
- This will be a lung burner but you have to push through and just finish.
- Try to stay out of your head.
lax ball sleeper stretch
foam roll lats
foam roll upper back

2 rounds
5 reach roll lift p/s
5 arm windmill p/s
5 thread the needle p/s
5 inchworm

Total Weight

Push Press: 4 sets of 8
Suggested Percentages: 75%-80% of 1RM
Rest 30 Seconds

*Use same weight for every set

Not Scored

Ring Rows: 4 sets of 8 with tempo of 11x2 (2 second hold at top)
Rest 90 Seconds

*Do elevated ring rows to make them harder

Total Time

"Action Figure"

For Time (12 Minute Time Cap)
Clean & Jerk
Burpees OTB (Lateral)

Rest 3 Minutes

Finisher: 30 DB Floor Press

Men: 95
Women: 65

Men: 135
Women: 95

Scaling Options:
Lighter weight/Lower reps
3 Rounds NFT
- 30 Bike Sprint
- 20 Banded PVC Tricep Pushdowns